How To Increase Digital Test Coverage With In-The-Wild Testing

90% of users find an issue in a mobile app within the first 3 minutes of using it on their device. At the same time, most mobile apps are only tested on less than 5 devices before release.

Your testing coverage has a direct effect on the quality of your digital product. In fact, the scope of your testing can directly relate to how your users review your app - a bad digital experience, such as a broken app, is perceived as bad quality and impacts revenue.

The leaders in the digital space understand that investing in their quality goes hand in hand with increasing their test coverage. This does not mean to double the number of devices or time spent, but to focus on how your users actually interact with your digital product.

We will take you through some examples of testing gone wrong and how we addressed them:

  • How you can increase test coverage without increasing time
  • Why testing on multiple devices or browsers is crucial to a great release
  • How coordinating tests can kill your release day
  • Why testing needs experts


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About the Speaker:

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Michal Plachta

Mike is a business-technology guy. He started his career as a software engineer, building websites and apps that are used by millions of people daily. He eventually moved on to become a product owner, taking care of a video on demand product that was available on 8 different platforms. Immediately prior to joining Applause, Mike led a team for one of the biggest media companies in Europe - Schibsted Media Group.