6 Secrets to Digital & Omnichannel Success


Are you prepared for the age of omnichannel?

With a myriad of digital touchpoints in which customers and brands can interact – in-store, web, mobile and more – organizations must provide a cohesive and holistic experience at every turn of the customer journey. Omnichannel can be tricky to master, but once you do, you'll reap the rewards of customer loyalty, increased sales and an improved customer experience.

As part of the webinar, we will uncover key findings from Applause's Retail Quality Report. We analyzed the digital and omnichannel experiences of over 50 top global retailers, where we discovered more than 3,000 bugs on production ecommerce sites and the cost severe bugs can have on your bottom line.


  • How global retailers' omnichannel experiences stack up against each other
  • The cost severe bugs have on CX and revenue
  • Top breaking points for omnichannel success
  • Key omnichannel recommendations for brands to succeed in 2019


Kristin Simonini

Kristin Simonini

Vice President of ProductApplause

Joining Applause with 20 years of product leadership experience, Kristin heads up Applause's product team where she focuses on establishing the Applause roadmap. Prior to Applause, Kristin led the product development efforts at EdAssist, a Bright Horizons Solution at Work. There, she instituted a product management practice and led the effort to reinvigorate its industry leading tuition assistance platform. Before EdAssist, she held leadership roles at Brainshark, Deploy Solutions and Webhire. Kristin earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Northeastern University.


Applause is the worldwide leader in crowdsourced digital quality testing. With testers available on-demand around the globe, Applause provides brands with a full suite of testing and feedback capabilities. This approach drastically improves testing coverage, eliminates the limitations of offshoring and traditional QA labs, and speeds up time-to-market.