Accessibility Now Means Less Pain Later


Tapping into new revenue streams means avoiding taboos and legal implications

Accessibility has been a hot topic for years, as enterprises around the world strive to meet WCAG standards. The European Accessibility Act (EAA) is the largest enforcer of those standards, and by July of 2025, the EAA will require many private companies that do business in the EU to adhere to the EAA. This has broad implications for companies based in the EU and those outside the EU that do business there.

Join Applause’s Julia Zacharias, VP, EU Delivery & Customer Success and Heather Hepburn, Accessibility Lead at Skyscanner. Julia will cover overall trends in accessibility that Applause sees in its daily work with global customers as well as key accessibility statistics from its recent State of Digital Quality Report 2022 and its global testing community survey. Julia and Heather will discuss key accessibility efforts and successes at Skyscanner along with challenges and recommendations for organizations striving to become more accessible and preparing for the implementation of the European Accessibility Act. The webinar will also touch on the increasing need for firms to incorporate inclusive design principles — with persons with disabilities as guides/testers — early in the SDLC.

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  • The most common enterprise accessibility hurdles and how addressing them have a positive multiplier effect on businesses
  • The need to create a plan now to comply with the EAA deadline of July 2025, as setting up and implementing these programs takes significant time
  • How addressing inclusive design principles in the SDLC benefits the company and all customers, not just persons with disabilities


Julia Zacharias

Julia Zacharias

VP, EU Delivery & Customer SuccessApplause

Julia is responsible for a flawless onboarding of new customers and ensuring that customers achieve their digital quality and inclusion goals through working with Applause. To maintain high customer satisfaction, Julia works closely with Applause sales and product teams to develop and improve our solutions in alignment with customer feedback and needs.

Before joining Applause, Julia worked as a project portfolio manager and management consultant with focus on lean operations and process excellence, among others at Kearney. She is also actively encouraging women to enter the tech world and make an impact on how digital products are designed, developed and tested.

Heather Hepburn

Heather Hepburn

Accessibility LeadSkyscanner

Heather works with multiple groups across Skyscanner to ensure that the organization creates innovative and great accessible experiences for all.

Prior to her current role, Heather also served in the roles of Accessibility Champion and Senior UX Writer at Skyscanner. Before that, work experiences roles as a Content Strategist/UX Writer and Content Manager at Royal Bank of Scotland.


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