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Have You Tested For Everything?

Introducing Applause for Amazon Alexa

Powered by a community of 400,000 vetted testers, located in over 200 countries, Applause is the undisputed leader in crowd testing worldwide. Our customers have access to a full range of software testing and feedback services for the Alexa Skills, AVS and third party integrations.

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Actionable Feedback From Actual People, Testing in Real-World Situations

Our unique business model enables you to test across virtually any connected scenario. The result? The ability to ship high quality Alexa-enabled software that customers love – at a pace and scale and cost that your in-house labs simply can’t match.

The Applause Difference

Applause gives you continuous access to global testers who can:

  • Test your Alexa skills in real-world scenarios - in the home, at work, in school – anywhere your customers go
  • Bring you real-world expertise testing Alexa-enabled skills and devices for other leading brands
  • Conduct testing on their own hardware, including Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Spot, Tap, Fire TV, and Amazon Voice Service (AVS) powered devices
  • Test your Skills in any language, any country, any dialect (utterances)
  • Provide feedback on complex integrations such as IoT devices, smart home appliances, and Gadgets
  • Test and validate your Voice Payment strategy
The Applause Difference

Deliver Software Customers Love

Ready to learn more about how Applause can help you build for Alexa with greater speed and quality? We’d like to hear from you. Fill out the form below to request an overview of how Applause for Amazon Alexa can help you and your specific needs.