Best Practices for a Repeatable Shift-Left Commitment


How to improve feature testing, save valuable developer and QA time, and release quality products quickly

If you work in software development, you’re well aware of the importance of shifting your testing left. But how do you test smaller chunks of work rapidly and earlier in the SDLC without stressing your internal teams? And why use your highly skilled developers and testers to validate the functionality of new code when their time is better spent on higher value tasks?

Join Applause testing experts Mike Plachta and Michael McKethan as they discuss the challenges of shifting left and innovative new ways to enable teams to eliminate the aggregate impact of manually validating new functionality immediately after a new feature is coded. Further, they will highlight how to ensure the entire in-sprint testing process is done quickly, ensuring that your developers get immediate test results.


  • Best practices that companies use today to shift testing to the left
  • How an innovative and streamlined process built directly into your existing workflows can reduce the strain on your internal teams
  • How some of the fastest development and deployment teams in the world execute a shift-left approach


Mike Plachta

Mike Plachta

Senior Manager Solutions Engineering Europe Applause

Mike is a seasoned web & mobile apps technologist. He started his career as a software engineer, led a team for a Norwegian-based media company and finally joined Applause as a Solution Engineer. Now he leads a team taking care of the EMEA market and helps customers test their digital products "in-the-wild" while crafting top-notch testing solutions mostly around functional testing (both manual and automated) and payment testing.

Michael McKethan

Mike McKethan

Director Quality Engineering and AutomationApplause

Mike has twenty-plus years of quality experience in roles that include: Director of QA/QE, management of large testing projects, automation framework and solution architect, and pre-sales support. His passion is building and advancing quality within organizations that appreciate progressive concepts and best practices.


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