Software Quality Challenges

Hobson interviewed Applause customers within every vertical and found that each one experiences similar struggles in keeping their QA in lockstep with development roadmaps and requirements. Crowdtesting has proven to be the only way to alleviate concerns around customer expectations, time constraints, quality concerns, and device fragmentation.

How Applause Helps You Succeed

Working with an account manager, Applause leverages a custom Business Impact Analysis (BIA) tool from Hobson & Company to highlight sources of value and effectively forecast your ROI. To learn more about this offering, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

The Value Of Applause Is Immediate And Demonstrable
Increase in capacity of internal testing teams

Crowdtesting helps QA build and scale their test coverage without the burden of additional overhead costs.

Increase in yearly releases

In the age of agile, speed is key. Crowdtesting gives QA the ability to keep up with fast development sprints.

Increase in Both retention and Conversion Rate

Crowdtesting provides a unique CX perspective by testing in real-world conditions with people representing their customer.

All statistics verified by third-party research firm:

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The Total Economic Impact of Crowdtesting

Crowdtesting has become the go-to solution for companies to alleviate the pain points within their delivery pipelines. Companies can now achieve the scale and speed they desire for their digital properties to outpace their competition. Download the report for more information and to see results from actual customers.

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