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How to supercharge your product career & do remote deliveries right. Product Stories from BMW and British Telecom.

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DigitalXChange Live is open to anyone who has a passion for product and for digital transformation and technology. With guests from the BBC, Klarna, Groupon, Financial Times, Spotify, N26, Booking.com, Google and many more, we do our best to delight the product community all around the world. Join our live sessions to learn from product and digital thought leaders and grow.

After organizing DigitalXChange events in 17 cities across Europe and being nominated by B2B Marketing association for the best live event, we wanted to bring it into the digital world to give access to more product aficionados, no matter where they are.

During this session, Matt Hughes (Head of Product and Pricing at British Telecom) will  share with us how to do remote deliveries right while Sabrina Rzebka (Digital product manager at BMW) will talk about "How to supercharge your product career".


  • To become a better PM or/and to get inspired. This is a great way to be up to date and learn best practices from fantastic product leaders from different industries.
  • Not all who wander are lost: we are currently putting together a job board with (product) career opportunities at companies around Europe. (If you're looking to hire, we could promote the job opening just drop us an email at [email protected])


Sabrina Rzepka

Sabrina Rzepka

• Digital Product Manager • BMW

Sabrina Rzepka is avid about connecting smart technologies, enthused hearts and great stories to create impactful products that think forward. As digital product manager at BMW, she strives to provide customers seamless purchase experiences directly out of the vehicle. Besides her role at BMW, she co-founded Product Professionals, the academy to train and certify product professionals. Leveraging the full potential of individuals to become great product leaders is at her heart.

Matt Hughes

Matthew Hughes

• Head of Product and Pricing Operations • British Telecom

Matthew Hughes is the Head of Product and Pricing Operations at British Telecom. He's leading a team of product owners and tribe leads.

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