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The wild side of PM: the things you can learn from a lion tracker about experimentation

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DigitalXChange Live is open to anyone who has a passion for product and for digital transformation and technology. With guests from the BBC, Klarna, Groupon, Financial Times, British Telecom, N26, Revolut, Google, Facebook and many more, we do our best to delight the product community all around the world. Join our live sessions to learn from product and digital thought leaders and grow.

After organizing DigitalXChange events in 17 cities across Europe and being nominated by B2B Marketing association for the best live event, we wanted to bring it into the digital world to give access to more product aficionados, no matter where they are.

During this session, Mario Schwarz (Head of Product, heycar) will talk about “The wild side of PM: the things you can learn from a lion tracker about experimentation”.

Experimentation is an exciting product management tool and a necessity to continuously  improve your product, to reach challenging targets and to stay competitive. Mario will share some of his learnings inspired by tracking lions in Africa and how he applies these to his other passion: Product Management. You will learn about Product Strategy, Northstar metrics, A/B testing and much more.


  • To become a better PM or/and to get inspired. This is a great way to be up to date and learn best practices from fantastic product leaders from different industries.
  • Not all who wander are lost: we are currently putting together a job board with (product) career opportunities at companies around Europe. (If you're looking to hire, we could promote the job opening just drop us an email at [email protected])


Mario Schwarz

Mario Schwarz

• Head of Product • heycar

Mario Schwarz (Head of Product at heycar) is a product enthusiast & leader with experience in automotive marketplaces, who fundamentally believes in user centricity, team empowerment and laser-sharp focus.
At heycar and already before when working for mobile.de (former ebay, now Adevinta), experimentation has proven to be a key lever for business growth in his work. This is why he always encourages his team of Product Managers and Product Analysts to discover new opportunities, increase conversion and mitigate risks by conducting experiments. In his private life, Mario has a deep passion for wildlife photography: the bigger, the more dangerous- the better. This mix brings an inspiring, refreshing spin to his views on Product Management.

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