The State of Digital Quality in 2023


Expert Perspectives and Frameworks to Benchmark Capabilities

Who sets the bar for digital quality? Your customers — with constantly rising expectations fueled by their interactions with the latest technology across industries. While organizations continue to do their best to uncover defects before they reach production, development teams still rely heavily on QA to find flaws — and the types of errors that surface have largely remained unchanged year over year. So what can organizations do differently?

This year’s State of Digital Quality report provides a series of frameworks gleaned from Applause’s years of experience working with global technology leaders and innovators. Watch our panel discussion to learn what these organizations do differently to set them apart when it comes to creating excellence in digital experiences.


  • How market leaders assess functionality, localization, accessibility, payments and UX holistically to truly understand the customer experience and create outstanding customer experiences
  • The building blocks for different elements of digital quality, ranging from functional testing and automation to accessibility, localization and payments
  • Why testing alone isn’t enough: the role of testing strategy, test case management, reporting, and analysis in building your organization’s digital quality program.


Luke Damian

Luke Damian

Chief Growth OfficerApplause

Luke is the Chief Growth Officer at Applause. He owns the Go-to-Market Strategy for the company, including its Marketing & Product functions.

With a focused eye on accelerating growth, Luke brings 20+ years of operating experience to Applause from national leadership positions at Oracle and EMC. During his tenure with Oracle, he led sales, business development and customer success initiatives across multiple growth priorities including solution development, strategic customer acquisition and engagement, and customer retention programs. Earlier in his career, Luke held significant roles at EMC serving in various leadership positions across sales and business development.

Luke holds an MBA and a BS from Babson College. He also earned an Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Adonis Celestine

Adonis Celestine

Senior Director, Automation Practice LeaderApplause

Testing expert and advocate Adonis Celestine has written three books on digital quality, including Quality Engineering: The Missing Key to Digital CX. He has spoken at conferences throughout Europe and enjoys helping companies evolve their quality engineering practices.

Bob Farrell

Bob Farrell

VP, Solution Delivery & CX PracticeApplause

Bob is a technology executive with more than 20 years of experience establishing programs that help his customers deliver high quality digital experiences to their customers. Bob has helped hundreds of digital innovators build and implement market-leading digital quality programs, and views product quality as a competitive differentiator. He spearheads groundbreaking innovation as leader of the digital accessibility conformance, UX research, and inclusive design practices, and manages customer success within the high tech and financial services practices with Applause.

Chris Munroe

Chris Munroe

VP, Strategic Customer ProgramsApplause

Chris joined Applause in 2012 in a sale engineering capacity. Since then, his background in Agile methodologies, test automation, quality assurance and enterprise software has led him to various leadership roles within the organization. Prior to joining Applause, Chris worked as the Global Head of QA at BT Conferencing.


Applause is the worldwide leader in crowdsourced digital quality testing. With testers available on-demand around the globe, Applause provides brands with a full suite of testing and feedback capabilities. This approach drastically improves testing coverage, eliminates the limitations of offshoring and traditional QA labs, and speeds up time-to-market.