Credito Emiliano: How A Major Italian Bank Drives Innovation Through Tradition


Staying relevant in the financial sector despite over 100 years of history

In the financial sector, open banking is driving the proliferation of digital-first financial services that threaten to overshadow legacy banks like Credito Emiliano. Born digital, fintechs offer customers unrivalled digital experiences — and banks forged from paper are under pressure to keep up.

Rather than seeking answers in the future, Credito Emiliano draws lessons from the past. It plays on the one thing it has that the fintechs don't: a long and rich history. For over one hundred years, Credito Emiliano has entrenched its business model in the local ecosystem of Italy's Reggio Emilia region, from accepting Parmesan cheese as collateral on loans to tracing the provenance of Grana Padano cheese with blockchain. Blending technology with tradition and innovation with empathy, Credito Emiliano ensures its future as a leading banking provider for years to come.


  • The key digital quality considerations for big banks if they are to compete in today's digital-first financial landscape
  • How Credito Emiliano works with Applause to overcome the key digital transformation challenges facing big banks today
  • Concrete ways to increase major KPIs like customer conversion to get essential internal stakeholder buy-in


Lorenzo Villa

Lorenzo Villa

Team Leader, Touchpoints ITCredito Emiliano

Having worked at Credito Emiliano for 15 years, Lorenzo has been with the bank since the start of its digital transformation journey. He has held positions in business intelligence, project management, SLA, helpdesk and now as the team leader for the bank's Touchpoints IT division. Before joining Credito Emiliano, Lorenzo worked as an analyst at Accenture. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physics from the Università di Bologna.

Domenico Ferrari

Domenico Ferrari

System Manager, Platform Frontend Digital & MobileCredito Emiliano

Domenico has worked at Credito Emiliano in leadership roles for four years. Prior to joining the bank, he spent 12 years at its daughter company, Credemtel SpA, where he focused on technical evolution, particularly around electronic document management. Domenico holds and Engineer's Degree in IT from the Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia.

Nicola Bertuzzi

Nicola Bertuzzi

Senior Executive, South EuropeApplause

Nicola is responsible for ensuring customer success across Applause's major accounts in South Europe. He has worked with leading brands spanning banking, media and retail to deliver high-quality, engaging experiences to their customers across every digital touchpoint. Nicola has over 20 years of experience supporting companies to drive growth, expand internationally and streamline processes, with a focus on QA, product and engineering. Nicola speaks fluent Italian, English and Spanish and holds an EMBA in Business Administration from ESIC Business & Marketing School.


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