How to Seize the Multimodal Opportunity


Get started on the next wave of voice technology

Demand for voice technology is surging as consumers increasingly find the medium a more natural way to interact with products and services in their daily lives. While voice is still a new concept to many brands, the next wave is already here. Multimodal experiences offer users both a traditional voice interface as well as the option of a screen, giving brands and consumers more ways to connect than ever before.

For many development and test teams, the addition of a screen interface adds more complexity to a concept they are already struggling to master. However, the option of a visual element will improve almost any voice-first interaction and stands to benefit brands across all industries. Companies that don’t consider the multimodal opportunity during the design phase risk missing out on the next wave of voice technology.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Key design concerns for multimodal experiences
  • How voice and visual elements can work together
  • How all industries stand to benefit from multimodal experiences


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