Localization Testing in the Real World


Tapping into new revenue streams means avoiding taboos and legal implications

Businesses put lots of effort — and capital — into market expansion. Tapping into a new revenue stream is a great way to grow a business, but it also exposes it to substantial risk. A new market might have great use, or even an acute need, for your product, but that doesn’t mean a launch will be successful. A product that works flawlessly in one market might fail in another without proper due diligence.

Localization testing helps mitigate this risk by assessing the customer experience in the new market. The strategy is incredibly important, and incredibly nuanced — it’s no simple matter of translating languages and pushing the deploy button. What seems sensible in one culture might be confusing or even offensive to another.

Join our webinar to hear from our panel of localization testing experts. These experts will shed light on some common successes and struggles with localization testing to help you establish a strategy that works.


  • The importance of real testers using real devices in real markets
  • Why single-person validation isn’t enough
  • Actual examples of localization testing strategies
  • The value of localization testing throughout the SDLC


Maria Mondragon

Maria Mondragon

Solutions ConsultantApplause

Maria is a Solutions Consultant at Applause. She has more than 11 years of experience in the telecommunications field with organizations such as Mobilium and SIGOS. Maria works hands-on with network quality testing of 2G, 3G, LTE/IMS, IoT, and 5G technologies, and testing for Android and iOS devices.

Phil Slocum

Phil Slocum

Solution Delivery ManagerApplause

Phil is an Applause Solution Delivery Manager who is passionate about creating digital quality solutions that delight customers. For more than nine years, he has served as a trusted advisor to digital product leaders. Working out of the L.A. area, Phil helps customers successfully leverage Applause testing across their digital initiatives.

Jonathan Maclennan

Jonathan Maclennan

Director of Enterprise SalesApplause

Jonathan is Applause’s Director of Enterprise Sales. He has been with Applause for over nine years, working also as Director of Customer Success in that time. Jonathan collaborates with Applause customers to increase their testing capabilities and help them release faster without losing quality. With years of experience under his belt, Jonathan has become an expert in digital quality assurance


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