Choose Your Own Adventure: Making the Right Release Decisions


Do you have the tools and methodologies in place to know when a build is ready for release?

Deciding the perfect time to release a software build is often more art than science, and regularly comes down to a gut feeling. With the cost to switch to a competitor little to none in the digital world, go/no-go decisions become all the more critical. The more data that testing and development teams have at their fingertips, the better decisions they can make.

Watch our webinar to discover how you can increase your release velocity and digital quality with a holistic approach to testing. In this Choose Your Own Adventure webinar, Applause’s Catherine Huang and Dean Vittum will guide you through the processes of making release decisions, highlighting what can go wrong – and how to avoid mistakes – along the way.


  • Gaining an integrated view of your testing results
  • Making more informed release decisions
  • Releasing higher-quality software faster


Cathy Huang

Catherine Huang

Product DirectorApplause

As a product director at Applause, Catherine works on the Automation and Integrated Functional Testing solutions. With over a decade of experience in various roles at software companies, she is a champion of the voice of the customer and is constantly looking for new ways to improve the customer experience with behavioral science. Prior to joining Applause, Catherine was director of product at Verb Inc.

Dean Vittum

Dean Vittum

QA ManagerApplause

As a QA manager at Applause, Dean works closely with product management and development teams to ensure Applause is providing quality applications to its end users. Prior to his role at Applause, Dean worked as a Senior Quality Assurance Manager for a number of companies in various high tech industries, building all aspects of the SDLC, Agile practices and QA talent at organizations. Dean brings more than 20 years of quality assurance experience to his role at Applause, and applies it to helping QA professionals benefit from crowdtesting.


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