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Edtech Insights - What really works

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After organizing events in 17 cities across Europe and being nominated by B2B Marketing association for the best live event, we wanted to bring it into the digital world to give access to more product aficionados, no matter where they are.

When many think of EdTech, they think back to the clunky software they used at school or that vocab app they used once and never picked up again. Many companies have tried and failed to make learning fun, so how did Babbel create a product so good that it sold more than 10 million subscriptions?  
During this session, Geoff Stead (CPO @ Babbel) will present his insights on what really works in the Educational Tech Sector.

Why Attend

  • To become a better PM or/and to get inspired while adding new tricks to your own stack. This is a great way to be up to date and learn best practices from fantastic product leaders from different industries.
  • Not all who wander are lost: we are currently putting together a job board with (product) career opportunities at companies around Europe. (If you're looking to hire, we could promote the job opening just drop us an email at [email protected])


Geoff Stead

Geoff Stead

• CPO • Babbel

Geoff Stead is the Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Babbel, leading the digital learning experience for millions of digital language learners. He is a global expert in the use of mobile and emerging technologies for teaching, learning and behaviour change.

Prior to Babbel, Geoff ran digital innovation teams in Cambridge UK and California USA. He has helped traditional publishers to move into digital learning, as well as helping digital businesses understand how emerging technology can better support education

His teams have won global awards for effective use of apps for learning, and millions of learners have used his software to learn new skills. His portfolio includes immersive (VR, 360) video for training simulations, social gaming, massive online courses (MOOCs), enterprise app stores, AR apps (augmented reality) and gamified learning.

Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/geoffstead for more thoughts on how mobile and consumer technology is changing the ways people work and learn, and how we as educators can harness these trends for good.


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