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The importance of the human factor to build user trust in the Fintech sector

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After organizing events in 17 cities across Europe and being nominated by B2B Marketing association for the best live event, we wanted to bring it into the digital world to give access to more product aficionados, no matter where they are.

Fintechs are reaching ever-growing levels of market penetration worldwide, offering a variety of services from digital lending and credit, mobile banking and payments, to insurance and trading...The mediums of interactions have shifted to a 100%-online model allowing for more flexible and consumer-centric user experiences. Yet, this change also poses particular challenges: among other, the need for businesses to foster user trust in their services and to address concerns such as data privacy, transparency, or regulation, to name but a few. During this session, Malte Vierow (Product Owner @ Finanzcheck.de) will talk about the importance of the human factor to build user trust in the Fintech sector.

Why Attend

  • To become a better PM or/and to get inspired while adding new tricks to your own stack. This is a great way to be up to date and learn best practices from fantastic product leaders from different industries.
  • Not all who wander are lost: we are currently putting together a job board with (product) career opportunities at companies around Europe. (If you're looking to hire, we could promote the job opening just drop us an email at [email protected])


Malte Vierow

Malte Vierow

Product Owner • Finanzcheck.de

Over the past 6 years, Malte has held various positions in the finance industry. His passion for digital products and customer focused ideas brought him to work for Finanzcheck.de where he focuses on building a more transparent, accessible and open financial system.

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