QA's Strategic role in devops


Many organizations are using DevOps to release software quickly in today’s fast-paced economy. But where does QA fit into that mix?

DevOps processes have become critical for organizations to release software as quickly as necessary in today’s fast-paced economy. The very name of “DevOps” calls out developers and operations. But where does QA fit into that mix?

The answer is that QA plays an equal role in DevOps, and a shift to DevOps actually presents an opportunity for QA teams to play a more strategic role than previously alongside development and operations. Watch our webinar featuring Applause Solutions Consultants Dave Denver and Chris Doucet as they discuss strategies of how to involve QA into your DevOps methodology and make them a strategic partner.


  • Help define quality in DevOps
  • Get proactive with design
  • Strategize with test automation


Dave Denver

Dave Denver

Senior Solutions ConsultantApplause

Having joined Applause in 2019, Dave Denver has over 15 years of experience in software engineering, consulting and DevOps implementations. Dave spent years in the financial sector building high performing DevOps and Agile teams, with a focus on quality. Dave made the jump to Solutions Consulting when he joined Perfecto in 2017 prior to coming to Applause. Since joining Applause, Dave has worked with many of Applause’s enterprise customers to provide the technical, functional and consultative support they need to ensure digital quality.

Chris Doucet

Chris Doucet

Solutions ConsultantApplause

A member of the Applause family since 2019, Chris Doucet has over a decade of experience in software engineering. Chris was previously a solutions engineer at Electric Cloud, where he promoted DevOps best practices and techniques around release orchestration and deployment automation. Since joining Applause, Chris works with many of Applause’s customers to provide the technical and functional support they need to ensure digital quality.


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