Solving the Problems of Voice Testing


Do you have a voice strategy yet?

Voice is set to be the new mobile, with skills and actions as the new hottest apps. Every brand should be ready to jump on board with voice; but first, these brands must ensure they are providing the best user experience possible.

Like smartphones did more than a decade ago, voice interfaces are changing the way consumers interact with brands. By 2022, 55% of U.S. households will have at least one smart speaker. How can organizations leverage the voice boom? Find out how you can deliver unique and seamless voice experiences that are relevant and functionally sound for users everywhere - regardless of location, language, dialect or device.

As a trusted Alexa testing provider, Applause has emerged as an expert in voice testing. Watch the webinar to discover the keys to driving five-star voice ratings.


  • Overview of the industry's competitors & revenue growth
  • Challenges in developing apps & skills for voice platforms
  • Recommendations for overcoming complex voice challenges
  • Predictions on what's next for voice


Emerson Sklar

Emerson Sklar

Senior Solutions EngineerApplause

Emerson is a Tech Evangelist and Solution Architect for Applause. Since joining Applause in 2015, he has helped countless companies improve quality across every phase of the SDLC through a human-centric, community-driven approach to testing. Before Applause, Emerson worked for Borland, the Army Intelligence and Securities Command and the Army Research Lab. Outside of work, he enjoys cooking overly elaborate meals through science, adventure cycling and volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America.


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