Validate Your Redefined Customer Journeys Quickly


As COVID-19 exacerbates the need for new customer journeys, real-world testing can identify sources of customer friction.

In recent years, there has been a push for organizations to implement new kinds of customer journeys, such as curbside pickup and delivery. COVID-19 has accelerated that push, and it’s now becoming clear that many businesses need to rethink their customer journeys to account for contactless services and ensure customer safety.

Defining and understanding new customer journeys is seen as a major undertaking, and even in the best circumstances, it’s easy for elements of the journey to not work as intended. When you have to roll out customer journeys quickly — and in a pandemic that brings new challenges and concerns — the chances of customer friction increase.

Join our guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst Kelly Price, and Applause Principal Solutions Engineer Carlton Retland as they outline the key steps to implementing a new customer journey quickly, and how Applause can help validate customer journeys and identify multiple points of friction.

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  • How to execute customer journey mapping quickly
  • Real-life examples of customer journey testing with results
  • How to leverage real customers to test customer journeys and identify points of friction


Kelly Price

Kelly Price

Senior AnalystForrester

Kelly is a senior analyst serving customer experience (CX) professionals. Her research focuses on customer research practices, exploring how CX professionals can leverage customer understanding to drive cross-team collaboration, build customer empathy, and create innovative, emotionally resonant experiences for their customers.

Carlton Retland

Carlton Retland

Principal Solutions EngineerApplause

Carlton is the Principal Solutions Engineer for Applause’s Customer Journey Testing solution. Carlton works closely with organizations to understand their customer journey maps and understand how Applause can help them test their customer journeys across multiple touchpoints. Carlton is based in Washington D.C. and has been with Applause since 2016.


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