Agile Failebration: What you can learn from mishaps when using Agile methodologies


…and how to use these learnings for your future projects

In VersionOne’s 13th Annual State of Agile Report, 97% of respondents said that their company practices some form of agile development. In the last few years, Agile practices have indeed emerged as a very powerful way to enable teams to work at their full potential.

Whether in software development, testing or in any other field, working with Agile methodologies has proven its worth. However, no one is exempt from making mistakes, and errors are also an opportunity to take some learnings. During our panel talk webinar we will discuss the many aspects of making mistakes and learning from them when working with Agile frameworks. 

Accompanied by our moderator Robert Duric, our guests Jean-Pierre Lambert, Andreea Ion and Jan Hegewald will describe and discuss various situations in which they had a good reason to “failebrate” a mishap in their daily Agile practices.


  • "Agile fails" experienced by our guests
  • Why and how they can be turned into reasons to celebrate
  • How and why Jean-Pierre, Andreea and Jan learned from the Failebrations


Jean-Pierre Lambert

Jean-Pierre Lambert

• Writer, speaker about Agile Quality, Creator of Scrum life •  

Jean-Pierre used to be a software developer with a stronger interest in quality and business value than in tools and technical design. He is now a facilitator instead, helping teams grow, overcome challenges, deliver awesome products and delight customers. Jean-Pierre shares his thoughts and experiences on his blog and at various conferences and meetups. He also helps spreading Agile practices and mindset through his YouTube channel and his famous Scrum Life show.

Jan Hegewald

Jan Hegewald

• Head of Product Offer Platform • Zalando

Jan Hegewald works at Zalando as Head of Product Offer Platform. His professional focus is on Agile Leadership and Product Development in the e-commerce industry. Being a computer scientist, he developed custom software and helped companies structuring their project management capabilities before that for several years. You can read about his thoughts on Agile Leadership at

Andreea Ion

Andreea Ion

• Senior Product Manager Consumer Experience • AutoScout24

Andreea has a genuine curiosity and passion for developing software products that users love. From entertaining social games, making gym workouts fun for everyone, to now helping people find the right mobility solution on AutoScout24, she's always looking for new product ideas, process improvements and ways to push her team. Failing is part of the game and she’s excited to share some of the lessons learned so far.

Robert Duric

Robert Duric

• Team Lead EU Delivery • Applause

As a computer scientist, Robert's focus shifted already many years ago on project management in the tech/testing industry with a particular interest in IoT, Fintech, eCommerce, advertisement. He used to be a tester himself and is a certified Scrum Master and is always excited about extending his agile horizon. Together with his team, his main focus at Applause is to help customers on a daily basis to test their digital products under real-world conditions.


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