How BT leverages test automation to accelerate its digital transformation


By using test automation on a daily basis, BT gains efficiency, builds user-centric digital products and drives ROI.

The basic keys to building a customer-centric product lie in understanding your users’ needs and integrating them in your development processes in an efficient way. For companies offering a wide range of services to many different user profiles, it is crucial to be able to test fast, at large scale and without wasting resources.

With a broad portfolio of services and products ranging from broadband to mobile and TV packages, BT puts an emphasis on ensuring the highest quality through each release without creating testing overhead. As BT transitions to DevOps, it also needed to extend its testing capabilities in a way that would fit their fast-paced setup.

In our webinar, we will uncover how BT operates test automation at large scale for its many services and products using Applause’s services.


  • How BT’s digital and QA teams integrated test automation into their testing practices, and how the collaboration works on a daily basis
  • How BT leverages test automation to ensure quality at large scale, gain efficiency and drive ROI (with detailed examples from recent test cycles and feature releases)
  • Benefits of SME and automation collaboration
  • A live Q&A session with Sandeep Deerhe (Head of Digital Performance, BT) and Hugo McConnell (Director of Automation, Applause)


Sandeep Deerhe

Sandeep Deerhe

• Delivery and Enablement • BT

Sandeep Deerhe is an experienced and strategically focused manager within the telecommunications industry managing complex programmes/projects, process improvements and digital transformation.

Mike Plachta

Hugo McConnell

• Director, UK Automation Practice • Applause

Hugo McConnell is an ISEB qualified Software Testing Professional with many years of experience in both testing and software development. He specialises in test automation and leads Applause’s automation operations for various clients across the United Kingdom and Europe.


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