Conversational Interfaces: We need to talk!


How to unmute your brand, and why data is key to smart conversations

Language is the most intuitive and cohesive way to express ourselves, to create connections, and to open up the world we live in.
It is therefore no surprise that Conversational Interfaces are gaining more and more popularity and relevance when it comes to customer and client interaction. Yet, many chat and voice bots do not meet the user’s needs as they don’t manage to keep the promise of a seamless, intuitive, human like conversation.
Understanding the different components of Conversational Interfaces and how they interact on a technical as much as on a conceptual level is an essential necessity to build truly meaningful and relatable conversations. In this webinar, you will learn about the general architecture of Conversational Interfaces and why a data-driven approach in the different steps of the development process is the key to the realization of a holistic user experience for your brand.

Join experts Frank Bublitz (Computational Linguist at Lautmaler), Norbert Gocht (Managing Director Technology at Lautmaler) and Aracely Escobedo (Senior Account Executive at Applause) for a great conversation about Voice.


  • Why you need a conversational strategy
  • Different aspects and components of a holistic voice strategy
  • Anatomy of Conversational Applications
  • The importance of a data driven approach on testing, training and implementation

Speakers of this webinar

Frank Bulitz

Frank Bublitz

Computational Linguist • Lautmaler

Frank is a Computational Linguist at Lautmaler taking care of VUI design, NLU Development and implementation of Dialogue Management Strategies. He gained his experience in the automotive industry working on VUI products used by people every day, all over the world.

Norbert Gocht

Norbert Gocht

Managing Director Technology • Lautmaler

Norbert is an entrepreneurial technology leader with 15+ years of experience in high-growth, technology enabled businesses. He did build and grow teams from early startups to IPO, He is driven by a never ending curiosity, passion to learn and to enable people. The human machine interface is a central theme in his career and his work as Managing Director Technology at Lautmaler.

Aracely Escobedo

Aracely Escobedo

Senior Account Executive • Applause

Aracely has been working at Applause for 4 years. She focuses on supporting QA teams to deliver excellent digital products while collaborating with companies to improve their digital platforms strategies. Aracely currently works for the Spanish and Portuguese markets and has a strong passion for e-commerce as well as Artificial Intelligence projects, such as voice and chatbots.


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