How Jobrapido Leverages Digital Testing To Level Up Their Job Platform


Combining functional testing with relevance tests to deliver qualitative results under any circumstances

As the world’s leading job search engine with over 20 million jobs every month and more than 85 million registered users in 58 countries, Jobrapido has shown exceptional growth in the past years. Tackling the challenge of many companies to find qualified candidates that turn into hires (not just into clicks), Jobrapido has ramped up a multi-national and high-performing job search platform.

On its way to expand to new markets and while extending its platform with new features, Jobrapido seeks to guarantee the relevancy of job offers at any time and for every user. Leveraging digital testing with real users in different locations enabled Jobrapido to fully understand their user preferences and to ensure the accuracy of the job offers.

During our webinar our speaker Jean-Pierre will provide you with more practical insights on how Jobrapido tackled QA & product challenges with their digital testing approach. Concluding the webinar with a Q&A session to answer questions from the webinar attendees, Jean-Pierre will also discuss briefly with our tech & engineering expert Mike how real users help to extend the internal testing & QA team.


  • What digital challenges Jobrapido have been willing to tackle
  • How digital testing with native speaking real users from various locations helps Jobrapido deliver accurate job results on their web portal
  • How the insights from their test cycles enable Jobrapido to maintain and enhance the user experience on a wide variety of devices
  • A forecast on the next digital quality related projects for Jobrapido


Jean-Pierre Rabbath

Jean-Pierre Rabbath

• Chief Product Officer and VP of Analytics • JobRapido  

Jean-Pierre serves as the Chief Product Officer and VP of Analytics at Jobrapido. Prior to joining Jobrapido, he was the Chief Product Officer at WANTED Technologies, a labor market analytics business based in Canada. He has over 20 years of product development, analytics, marketing, entrepreneurship, engineering, and principal investment expertise with a focus on technology, telecom, and media. Jean-Pierre holds an M.B.A. in Finance and Strategy, an M.Eng. in Telecommunications, and a B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering from McGill University, where he graduated with distinction and Honors.

Mike Plachta

Mike Plachta

• Team Lead, Solution Engineering • Applause

Mike is a seasoned web & mobile apps technologist. He started his career as a software engineer, led a team for a Norwegian-based media company and finally joined Applause as a Solution Engineer. Now he leads a team taking care of the EMEA market and helps customers test their digital products "In-The-Wild" while crafting top-notch testing solutions mostly around Functional Testing (both manual and automated) and Payment Testing.


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