Make learning awesome! How Kahoot! delivers engaging learning to billions thanks to its seamless digital platforms


The digital challenges and goals of a fast growing learning solutions provider.

With platforms that make e-learning, presentations and training engaging, Kahoot! strives to turn learning into a fun, social and engaging activity for all.

Millions of unique monthly active users around the world use Kahoot!. Faced with growing success, the Norway-based company naturally started looking for the best way to accelerate its software development iterations to release new features easily and quickly. In addition to a need for faster feature releases, Kahoot! wanted to ensure its platforms were accessible for all kinds of users, across many devices and regions.

In our webinar Torkjel Austad (QA Lead, Kahoot!), Maria Castañeda (Account Executive, Applause), and Eric Thompson (Team Lead EU Solution Delivery) will discuss the challenges and goals that Kahoot! faced and how their digital testing strategy helps them on their mission to make learning awesome around the world.


  • How Kahoot! optimised their QA processes over the last 2 years
  • How to increase testing capacity and productivity to match a fast growth pace
  • How Kahoot! tests on specific markets to localize its platform in the best possible way
  • The impact of a sound testing strategy on the business

Speakers of this webinar


Torkjel Austad

QA Lead • Kahoot!

Torkjel has 14 years of experience working as a QA Manager for Norwegian Tech companies such as Opera Software, TIDAL and Kahoot!. He has a special interest in testing apps on various platforms and has been collaborating with Applause since 2015.


Maria Castañeda

Account Executive • Applause

Maria Castañeda has been working at Applause since 2017. She specializes in consulting product, QA and tech teams on their holistic quality strategy. She has worked with Spanish customers and is now focusing on the success of clients in the Nordics, helping them achieve their quality goals. She is passionate about digital testing for the ed-tech, financial and gaming sectors. Maria also enjoys public speaking and creating social support campaigns.


Eric Thompson

Team Lead EU, Solution Delivery • Applause

Eric joined Applause in 2016. As part of the Solutions Delivery Team, he consults with clients across different sectors to help them implement the right testing strategy for their products.


Applause is the worldwide leader in enabling digital quality. With the Product Excellence Platform, Applause provides a harmonized approach to quality that drastically improves testing coverage, reduces costs and speeds time-to-market for websites, mobile apps, IoT and in-store experiences.