The Dogfooding Days are Over


Every dog has its day, and dogfooding has had its day too. Now it's time for a modern alternative to QA testing.

Dogfooding makes sense in theory -- have your own employees test your product before you release it to customers. This idea has been circulating since the 1970s. And while dogfooding can still make sense in limited situations, it's not a reliable QA testing strategy in the 2020s.

This quick guide explains why dogfooding is outdated, and how the Applause crowdtesting approach offers a modern alternative that delivers immediate, actionable and unbiased feedback without administrative issues.

Read on to learn:

  • Why inexperienced testers can only get you so far
  • The downsides of testing in unrealistic environments
  • Why dogfooding causes administrative headaches
  • The inherest bias of employee feedback


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Applause is the worldwide leader in crowdsourced digital quality testing. With 400,000+ testers available on-demand around the globe, Applause provides brands with a full suite of testing and feedback capabilities. This approach drastically improves testing coverage, eliminates the limitations of offshoring and traditional QA labs, and speeds up time-to-market.